Aerial Sports in North London

To fly or learn to fly a paraglide in London would not be permitted as it is a built up area. Heathrow Airport to the west along with Luton and Stanstead to the North, all have large exclusion zones. Paragliding course at North London is the best option for the brave hearts who want to learn how to do it by themselves. The initial jump is done using a static line, which automatically triggers your parachute as you lay away from the plane.

Once you have completed the required jumps, then you can be ready for your very first free fall. Keep building up the delays and pushing yourself to the limit until you are ready for the maximum altitudes. This jump experience is often more rewarding because, after hours of ground instruction, you're in control of the skydive. The Skydiving instruction is much more detailed than a Tandem Skydive because you're in charge.


SkySchool London

SkySchool is run by a group of highly experienced instructors who have learned these sports from the ground up and are passionate about flying. Managed by Alex Ledger since 2005, SkySchool is Europe's leading Paramotor School and runs APPI PPG Paramotoring Courses in the UK, Italy and Spain.

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