Where Does My Recycling Go?

The recycling collected by local authorities in north London gets used to make new products. The maps below show how most materials are sent for onward processing in the UK. Some of the recyclable material is sold and sent to other countries where it is used to make new products.

Recyclables collected from households are sorted here in north London at the Biffa’s materials recycling facility (MRF) in Edmonton, Enfield. Biffa sorts the mixed dry recycling (cans, paper, plastic, glass etc.) collected by the seven north London borough councils and then sends that sorted material to reprocessors who will recycle it into something new.

In north London dry recyclables (such as plastic, metal, paper and glass) are collected at the kerbside in a mixed recycling…

Courtesy of https://www.nlwa.gov.uk/article/where-does-my-recycling-go